Anchors Cemetery

“Sailing” through the quiet sand dunes, like the fearless bow of a ship facing the dangerous sea. these anchors look like they were lined up there by the sea. You can and you should see them in Barril Beach in the village Pedras D´el Rei. In spite this symbolic mirage, their origin is very a simple and prosaic one, but nonetheless there’s a bit of poetry in it: they were once used by the tuna and sardine fishing fleets, where the Armação de Pesca (a kind of netting fence trap to catch tuna and sardines), was the fishing method used. It was basically a system of wall nets held by poles, buoys, cables and anchors, forming rows that lead the fish to the trap at the center. They are usually divided in compartments that can be closed by a net. These Armações were extremely important to the tuna and sardine fishing, strongly contributing to the development of the canning industry in Portugal. A nostalgic and extremely beautiful witness of the past.

Location – Pedras D’el Rei, Praia do Barril – Tavira


GPS – N 37º 5′ 4.4” W 7º 40′ 9.54”